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Even under the best of circumstances, the immigration process and the transition from one culture to another is often a challenging and stressful experience. This experience in navigating this system can often be overwhelming and anxiety provoking. We conduct Immigration Evaluations in an environment that is safe, empathic, and non-judgmental to assist individuals and families in their immigration process.

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What is an Immigration Evaluation

An immigration evaluation is a clinical document provided by a licensed mental health professional. The evaluation is focused on the specific immigration case that the client is seeking. Examples of immigration cases include the following:

  • VAWA

  • U Visa and T Visa

  • Extreme Hardship

  • Political Asylum/Refugee 

Benefits of a Psychological Evaluation

A psychological evaluation adds tremendous value to immigration cases. A comprehensive evaluation conducted by a Mental Health Professional knowledgeable about the factors involved in extreme immigration hardships and the relevant mental health issues, along with a thorough report, can be effectively used by your attorney to support your case and move forward with your immigration. 

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